A message to our members during these uncertain times

Tuesday 12-01-2021 - 20:49
A message to our members


















We completely understand that there is worry and concern amongst students at this time, particularly surrounding living arrangements, wellbeing and finance. We would like to reassure you that students are the Students’ Union’s and Hartpury’s priority, and we are working closely together to ensure that students will not be disadvantaged during this uncertain time.


We acknowledge that students in universities across the country have had very different experiences. So far, Hartpury have done everything within their power to uphold standards of teaching whilst ensuring a safe learning environment under the government restrictions and continue to do so, for example, by fulfilling contact hours and providing a level of face-to-face delivery where possible. We are grateful that Hartpury staff have worked so hard throughout this pandemic to provide a consistent level of teaching and communication to the best of their ability. Hartpury consult the SU presidents, liberation officer’s and student reps to ensure that all students are considered in decision making. Of course, we want all of our students to succeed to the best of their ability and aim to help you in doing so.


We understand that students are facing financial difficulty during this pandemic, for example through job losses and accommodation fees. HSU can provide support on finding employment and guidance on accommodation. Hartpury are expecting to provide a rebate for campus accommodation, as was done previously, and this will be communicated in due course. Bursaries are available to students who have experienced loss of income and financial hardship due to the Covid-19 pandemic and you can contact studentfinance@hartpury.ac.uk who can provide financial advice and support. HSU are looking at ways to support students with fees for unused accommodation and represent the student voice around government enforced tuition fees.


We know how important your peers and social support is during university, particularly during these difficult times that we find ourselves in. Therefore, HSU are working closely with our clubs and societies to ensure that student opportunities and events continue to be provided. The Hartpury wellbeing department Moodle page has lots of suggestions on how to maintain positive mental health, you can also contact Wellbeing@Hartpury.ac.uk, or visit FIKA and Student Minds.

Thank you to those of you who work with us to ensure that the student voice is represented throughout the decision-making process. Unfortunately, Hartpury University are informed of restriction changes no sooner than the rest of the country, so we appreciate your patience in awaiting our responses.


We look forward to the time when students can continue to do what they love at Hartpury. Well done to each and every one of you for persevering through these difficult times. If you, or anybody you know, needs support, please reach out.


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