Award categories

These are the award categories that you can nominate staff - teaching and support - for.  Make sure you indicate on the form which category you want to nominate the staff member (or team) for.  Judges are looking for details that make your nomination stand out!

The StAR Award Categories

These are the categories for the Student Allocated Recognition Awards 2019. Here are some points to get you thinking about who you might nominate. If your answers are frequently “Yes”, you should send a nomination in! Remember, it is not about quantity of nominations, but more about the quality of the nominations! If you want your nominee to win, you need to sell it to the judges!

Creative use of technology
Does your lecturer use a range of creative and interactive ways to deliver lessons and lectures? Do they use technology to enhance your subject or even use interesting and captivating methods to engage and educate their students?

Most Supportive Tutor
Has your tutor gone above and beyond to offer you the support you need to be able to achieve your goals at Hartpury? Do they show dedication and commitment? Are they easy to reach in normal contact hours, and do they help bridge any gaps in understanding that you might have? Perhaps your supervisor gone above and beyond to provide support, suggestions and feedback for your dissertation? Does your lecturer provide you with timely, thorough and helpful feedback that you can use to improve your work?

Inspiring Lecturer
Is your lecturer enthusiastic, engaging and motivate you to want to achieve your best? Do they challenge you? Has the lecturer encouraged you to step out of your comfort zone? Has a lecture or lecturer raised your career aspirations? Does this lecturer show passion for their subject? Are

The Heart of Hartpury - All staff at Hartpury
Does this person define ‘Hartpury’? Have they been vital in your success at Hartpury? Have they gone out of their way to help you? Have they been approachable and understanding? How have they added to your experience at Hartpury? Are they respectful of students and do they address concerns positively?

#Legend Award - Hartpury Support (non-teaching) staff
Does this member of staff go out of their way to ensure you get the support you need—whether it be pastoral support, college nursing staff, a porter, a warden, a technician, a learning support assistant or ANY other non-academic member of staff at Hartpury. Do they encourage you to do your best and support you through real-life situations with a positive attitude and genuine concern?  Are they a true #Legend?

Best Sports Coach: Applicable to any coach of an affiliated or recreational sport team at Hartpury
Does your coach inspire you to pursue your athletic potential? Do they motivate you in and out of training to be your best? Do they provide pathways and suggestions to assist in skill development? Do they provide opportunities to develop your skills?

Expert in their Field
Does your lecturer show expertise in their subject, with an in-depth knowledge? Do they inspire confidence in you that the information they give you is relevant, up to date and accurate? Does your lecturer provide high quality teaching materials that you have found to be key in your success?