I'm a student


In short

Student Reps are here to represent your voice at Hartpury University. The primary role of a Student Rep is to collect the views of all the students they represent and then take these views to meetings and to staff to bring about positive changes for you!
They also work to ensure that they communicate the outcomes of your feedback back to you.
The university often ask for student consultations to take place when they are preparing to create something new or make changes – it can be about anything from the food options in the canteen to changes to academic regulations

What meetings do Student Reps attend?

The main meeting that all Reps attend is called a Programme Committee Meeting (PCM).  At these meetings reps will discuss course-specific issues with their tutors and programme leaders. Types of things Reps bring to this meeting could include feedback about modules, exams, coursework, workload, timetables and Moodle. Pretty much all the things that affect your teaching and learning experience!

Student Reps also have the opportunity to sit on higher level committees such as Department Committee Meetings, Academic Standards and Enhancement Committee, Curriculum Validation Committees, Research and Knowledge Exchange, and Academic Board.

This system ensures that students can have their voice heard all the way through the University. We elect these reps in the first SU University Forums of the year

The SU University Forums are where Reps come together to discuss matters which affect students but are outside of the learning experience, so we’ll be discussing things like campus facilities, study spaces, car parking, accommodation, catering, leisure and entertainment opportunities – all the other bits of student life!


Why are Student Reps important?

Student Reps are key to making sure that your voice and feedback is brought to the heart of any decisions made at the university. Student Reps make a real difference at course level, but also have many wins across their departments and beyond!

Student Rep feedback has seen some real improvements at Hartpury including online submission of assignments, 24hr Library access, a new Uni Study Lounge, more visible gender-neutral toilets and even an additional cash machine!

How do I know who my rep is?

Ideally they will have introduced themselves to you but if you are unsure, you can contact Sophie Savage, President: Representation and she will help you get in touch with your rep.

Can I be a rep?

Absolutely!  In the past Reps have told us that they stood for the role because they want to help people, make a difference, enhance their CV and meet new people – if that sounds good to you let your course tutor know that you would like to put your name forward!